"What the communities had to say?"

In order for Netbox to have meaning and be effective as a community led learning initiative; engagement and ownership at community level with local residents, businesses and services providers was essential from the beginning.

The purpose of the Community Audit was to get to know each community and to draw out a sense of the existing assets in the community, using an Asset Based Community Development approach.

All six rural communities found numerous skilled and talented individuals willing to share their knowledge with the wider community. Offers ranged from simple domestic skills (often underestimated until reflected back as valuable), to professional skills currently underused.


Research Results

The NetBox project partners have developed a range of practical resources and tools to help kick-start community auditing in a local setting.

Research Executive Summary in English
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Audit Guide in English
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Induction Programme in English
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Audit Summary Report in English
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Rural communities are, we believe, the key to their own destinies, they are their own best assets; it is up to us merely to help them to bring out ‘the greatness within’