Introducing Netbox

NetBox is a community led lifelong learning initiative funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme.  For the first time, NetBox aims to develop a micro-social network in rural communities that focuses on identifying all the educational assets and needs within these communities in order to build new learning partnerships generating educational resources relevant to local residents.

NetBox offers a new and exciting approach towards facilitating learning opportunities and networking between different stakeholders in rural areas. The partners in the project are using best practice in online learning, social networking design and a blend of Asset-Based Community Development and Needs Based Community development approaches to achieve the aims and objectives of the Project.

The NetBox Project aims “to pilot and validate a model for educationally self-sufficient rural communities where traditional consumers of educational services can become producers of educational services and content”.

The Project Objectives are to:

  1. 1. Develop a new model for lifelong learning in small rural communities that considerably increase the range and availability of educational resources and supports

  2. 2. Create a greater sense of community engaging local residents, business owners and service providers towards a common set of learning goals

  3. 3. Foster the development of many types of community learning exchanging assets, skills and knowledge

  4. 4. Enable the growth of new learning partnerships at community level facilitated through easy-to-use and accessible ICT tools

  5. 5. Promote inter-cultural awareness within the six pilot communities across Europe by linking them through online social networks